About Us

Euro Scout is a Google Chrome Browser Extension which conveniently displays product Buy Box price and Sales Rank information for all Amazon European marketplaces.


Compare Buy Box Prices

Displays up-to-date pricing information for all EU marketplaces


Evaluate Sales Rank

Sales rank figures conveniently displayed to speed up your sourcing decisions

Links to EU Product Pages

Quickly scout the EU product pages for more detailed product analysis.


Accurate Price Conversion

Euro Scout automatically pulls the live currency conversion rate to save you valuable time

How Does it Help?

Increase your EU sales

Euro Scout helps you to quickly adjust your EU prices so you win the buy box more often across all marketplaces. More buy box share means more sales and more profit.

Improve your sourcing decisions

Be better informed when making those quick arbitrage sourcing decisions. Knowing the price and sales rank for all 5 marketplaces will help improve your business decision making.

Take advantage of EU flips

Don’t miss out on potential sales and extra profit. Euro Scout can help you take advantage of every opportunity to increase sales on existing inventory and to scout out new profitable products.


What devices does it work on?

Euro Scout is compatible for Google Chrome on Desktop devices for both Apple and Windows.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course, just cancel your paypal recurring payment. We’ll even refund if you forget to cancel after your free trial, just send us a note.

Can it be minimized or hidden?

Yes you can quickly minimize the window and adjust the settings so it starts that way everytime. It can also be hidden whenever you like by adjusting your Chrome Browser settings.